Every business has the same challenge.

Getting their message out in a way that potential customers remember.

Over 82% of companies surveyed confirmed video has had a positive impact on their business.

84% are using video for website marketing.

60% are using video for email marketing.

70% will increase their annual spend on video.


So why GraphicPitch over standard video?

Because the same report states that the first 9 seconds has to capture the viewer.

How many times do you leave the TV when a commercial airs?

Your attention obviously was not captured.


That’s where GraphicPitch shines!

Because the motion graphics are unique, the viewer wants to see whats next.

All the while your message is being planted.


Professional video production can cost as much as $2400-$5000 per finished minute.

GraphicPitch is a fraction of the cost with far greater impact.

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